Carie Bradshaw’s health journey was not a typical one. Being born two months premature she suffered from RSV and severe asthma as a child. Doctors said she would never live a normal life. In some sense they were right. She used this to propel her past the standard they had set for her and, what she was expected to accomplish in life. Her health and fitness are what helped her have the discipline to achieve her goals.

For as long as she could remember she has always been active, playing sports, but most of all cheerleading. Being an athlete introduced her to training at an early age. But she really didn’t get serious about weight lifting until getting introduced to it in college, where she started competing in the NPC figure competitions.

In 2014 Carie received her initial personal training certification from NCSF. Since then, she has won top five placing in two local shows and five national shows and returned to Jr. Nationals to win her IFBB pro card. She continues to expand her knowledge base of health and wellness through classes, expos, and seminars.

Carie Bradshaw is a graduate of Howard University with a major in Sports Medicine and a minor in Chemistry.  She interned at Athlete’s Performance in Pensacola, Florida in which she participated in the training for college preparation, tactical skills, Eagle Fund, and professional athletes. She currently works as a wellness consultant in Los Angeles, California.