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My Story

My health journey was not a typical one. Being born two months premature I suffered from RSV and severe asthma as a child. Doctors said I would never live a normal life. In some sense, they were right. In some way, these limitations liberated me and ultimately shaped the person who I am today. I used this to propel me past the standard doctors had set for me and what I was expected to accomplish in life. My health and fitness journey is what's helped me to have the discipline to achieve all of my goals.

I have always been active, trying many sports, but cheerleading is what stuck. Being a young athlete taught me the importance of training and discipline at an early age, but I really didn’t get serious about strength training until getting introduced to it in college.

I graduated from Howard University with a major in Sports Medicine and a minor in Chemistry.  I also interned at EXOS (formerly known as Athlete’s Performance) in Pensacola, Florida. There I helped facilitate training and pre and post-workout nutrition for college recruits, Eagle Fund military, and professional athlete groups. This is also when my love and dedication to compete in bodybuilding started. Eventually, resulting in me receiving the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) professional status card. 

The good and the bad of bodybuilding taught me true balance. The years of the rigid structure of bodybuilding allowed me to build discipline but, the offseasons I learned the invaluable lesson of building balance. I was able to research ways to get and maintain results without spending hours in the gym, doing hours of cardio, and eating only chicken and broccoli. I was able to dive more into the foundation of my mental fortitude without having time constraints.

My own journey as an athlete (cheerleading and bodybuilding) and overall fighter motivates me to get up every day with excitement to change my clients’ lives. To help them find the strong athlete that lives within them that will help them accomplish goals they previously thought mentally and physically impossible.